Marco’s August Trades

Limited Edition Trades!

A new month is fast approaching and so are Marco’s new trades, the theme this month is sheep. These trades will only be available for a short time so grab them while you can.

If you have any suggestions for future themes please make a suggestion via the Forum.

Marco’s July Trades

Limited Edition Trades!

We were so glad to see that so many of you enjoyed Marco being added to spawn on June 1st. The first set of trades will be expiring at the end of the month so that new Limited Edition heads will be available for the month of July.

That means if you want to grab another head or banner from the June collection do so before time runs out.

For many of us July is the beginning of Summer Holidays, many choose to go to the beach in summer so it only seemed fitting to theme this month’s trades around the Beach. Four new player heads and a custom uncraftable banner will be coming to Marco very soon.

If you have any suggestions for future themes please make a suggestion via the Forum.

Limited Edition Trades

Available for June 2019 Only!

Starting on June 1st we will be introducing a Brand New feature to the Market, each month we will have a set of Limited Edition trades available for purchase from our latest edition to spawn, Marco the Merchant.

The theme for June will be 1.14 Mobs. You will be able to buy Fox and Panda player heads as well as some very cool banners.

Banners use more layers than you can naturally craft and can not be duplicated so get them while you can.

All items are only going to be available for the month of June and will be a bit more expensive, make your friends jealous of your impressive swag.

We already have a few themes in mind for future collections but would love to hear your feedback and suggestions on the Forum.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

A new NPC has been added to Spawn. This villager is offering many decorative heads in exchange for vote cookies. These trades will only be available for a short period so I highly encourage you to check what’s on offer and stock up on anything you like.

Trades include Santa heads, Baubles, Presents, a Snow Globe, Christmas Pudding and more.

Vote cookies are generated every time a player votes for the server on selected Minecraft Directories. This helps us to remain high on the listings and attract more new members. Each time you vote you get one cookie and another cookie is handed to a random online player. More details can be found on the “Support Us” page, including links to where you can vote.