Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

A new NPC has been added to Spawn. This villager is offering many decorative heads in exchange for vote cookies. These trades will only be available for a short period so I highly encourage you to check what’s on offer and stock up on anything you like.

Trades include Santa heads, Baubles, Presents, a Snow Globe, Christmas Pudding and more.

Vote cookies are generated every time a player votes for the server on selected Minecraft Directories. This helps us to remain high on the listings and attract more new members. Each time you vote you get one cookie and another cookie is handed to a random online player. More details can be found on the “Support Us” page, including links to where you can vote.

Europe GRE Tunnel

Hi European Vanilla High players!

Since the move of Vanilla High to the OVH datacenter in Beauharnois, Canada, European players were reporting a higher than usual latency. Which is normal because we were previously hosted in one of the OVH datacenters in France. In an effort to provide a better connection to players in Europe, a test GRE Tunnel has been set up to cater for you. Please use for the time being and help test this new GRE tunnel.

As a reminder, players in the Asia-Pacific region can use as a means to perhaps get better connectivity. points to the server itself, hosted physically in Canada, eh.

Our new server specifications

CPU:  Intel  i7-7700K OC – 4c/8t – 4.7GHz /5GHz
RAM:  64GB DDR4 2400 MHz
Disks:  SoftRaid 2x450GB NVMe
Network: 250 Mbps bandwidth

Legacy Showcase – Hangie Farms

  • ~Almost Whole View
    ~Almost Whole View
  • Iron Farms
    Iron Farms
  • View of
    View of "Inner Area"
  • Villager Breeder
    Villager Breeder
  • Inside Slime Farm
    Inside Slime Farm
  • Inside Mob Grinder
    Inside Mob Grinder
  • Storage Area Entrance
    Storage Area Entrance
  • More Storage
    More Storage

Sorry this showcase is late, but this build is truly spectacular! Built By Hangie, this base includes roughly 14 iron farms, a supersized mob farm, villager breeder, slime farms, and more! Here are a few pictures of this incredible base, hope you enjoy!



Legacy Showcase – South East Corner

  • Builds by lemon_82
    Builds by lemon_82
  • Dog Pack led by: lemon_82
    Dog Pack led by: lemon_82

I apologize for such a short showcase this Monday, things are pretty crazy for me now, but I promise I’ll find something really interesting to showcase next!