Is this really Vanilla?
Yes! The floating coloured text in spawn, command book teleporting, colours in signs, custom maps in rules tower are all achieved using only the Mojang jar which provide Command Blocks and Functions We do not use Forge, Sponge, Craftbukkit, Spigot, Paper etc.

Who is the server owner?
Vanilla High does not have a single-owner structure. The server is funded by regular players. The server operator is in charge of keeping the server hardware up and running, paying the bills, managing backups and doing low-level tech stuff. The admins and moderators are tasked with making sure the server rules are enforced, while trying to enjoy the game. Decisions that affect the server are taken collectively by the admin team.

How can I apply for staff?
We require high standards from our admins and do not have any sort of applications process. Prospective staff members are selected from the existing player-base, discussed by the admins. When we feel they are ready to be given additional responsibilities players are approached with the offer and upon acceptance, receive training and access to staff tools.

Help! I have been banned or jailed!
Bummer! You will need to write an appeal in the Gamer Situations > Appeal a Jail/ban section of our Forum on https://forum.vanillahigh.net
Being abusive while jailed will only get you banned. Logging on with Alt accounts to evade the jail is not going to be of much help.
Protip: Being honest in your appeal helps your case.  You’re jailed for a reason.

What do I get for voting?
Voting ensures the server stays relevant in Minecraft server directories with hundreds and hundreds of servers listed. This visibility fosters a steady flow of new players to play with us. In addition, server-wide vote milestones unlock trades at the villager market, obtainable with “vote cookies”

What do I get for donating?
While we appreciate the financial contributions from our regular players who can afford it, we cannot give gameplay-changing perks to contributors. Not only it is against Mojang’s policies but it has been our principle since the beginning as we want all players to have an equal chance on the server, financial sponsor or not. Sponsors only receive cosmetic perks.

What’s up with the mountains?
The server is builder-friendly and has Keep Inventory enabled. To make the game more fun to adventure into, we have worked on a custom terrain generation featuring hilly terrain. The High in Vanilla High 😉

How do I TPA to my friend?
TPA (Teleporting to another player) is not available on Vanilla High. Keep Inventory is enabled to encourage players to adventure in the world. The Nether dimension is enabled and traveling on the Nether roof is tolerated.

How do I get a new Command Book if I lost mine?
Type “vhguide book” in chat, without the quotes. You need to be in Overworld for the command to work.

Near Anarchy in the End?
The End Dimension has more relaxed server rules than the other Dimensions. Raiding/Griefing and Free PVP is tolerated in The End and The End ONLY. Other server rules still apply. What happens in The End stays there. Do not bring disputes and revenge outside of The End.

How does insurance work?
 The Overworld dimension is backed up to an off-site server which means we can restore bases that have received major damage after banning the perpetrators. We require that players settle at least 15,000 blocks out to be eligible for said insurance.  The criteria for the 15,000 blocks is calculated as follows : X Coordinates + Z Coordinate (ignoring negative values)
The Nether and The End dimensions are not backed up and there is no insurance provided

Build smart. Stay off the cardinal axes. A location such as X: 25,000 Y: 0 does satisfy the insurance distance but is not smart as griefers will often target bases on the Nether highways. An alternate location such as X: 18500 Y: 4,200 would work better.


X: 12,230 Z: -4,520 IS eligible for insurance
X: 5,200 Z: 8,100 IS NOT eligible for insurance
X: -22,100 Z: -1,400 IS  eligible for insurance

The “Position” link in your Command Book will do the math for you and tell you if you’re in the insurance distance or not.