Halloween 2020

It’s that spooky time of year again, and Halloween is just around the corner. To celebrate this holiday, Vanilla High is hosting it’s first ever event! We hope you all are excited! For this event, trick or treat at houses and get yummy candies or devilish tricks! See up to 10 different treats and 6 tricks. Explore the spooky map built by fellow players from Vanilla High, collect some delicious candy and trade it in for rewards! Get spooked by the monsters of Minecraft and collect their unique items! See if you can find all the changes in the scarily decorated spawn! Wear 1 of 9 trick or treat costumes and baskets! The event will start on October 25th and will last until October 31st. The decorated spawn will appear on October 17th and will last until October 31st.

Celebrating 2 years of Vanilla High!

An Amplified birth!

This week marks the 2nd Anniversary of Vanilla High. Our very first server opened officially on 9th April 2015 on Minecraft 1.8, featuring an amplified terrain. The server was originally made for refugees of another server that went through an abrupt deletion and a switch of gameplay rules. In just a few weeks of opening we obtained an unanticipated popularity and quickly set our foot in the top 10 most populated vanilla servers club. Vanilla High 1.8 ran between April 2015 and February 2016.

Vanilla High 1.8 spawn
Vanilla High 1.8 spawn

OMG Elytra! – Vanilla High 1.9

March 2016 saw the launch of the next Vanilla High server, running on Minecraft 1.9!  We also moved to a french datacenter for better server-hosting requirements due to occasional attacks on our former server.

Welcome Vanilla High 1.9

Vanilla High 1.9 ran between March 2016 and January 2017, welcoming 19,200 players during its life.  We also got a popularity boost that brought us to being in the Top 5 most-populated Vanilla servers. Both Vanilla High 1.8 and 1.9 are retired worlds but not deleted. They’re occasionally brought up for old players who want a trip down memory lane.

A shulkerbox full of Thank you to all the players, unpaid staff members, financial contributors for making Vanilla High the success that it is today!

Vote Milestone 3 reached!

Hello Miners! The 3rd milestone of 5,000 votes has been reached! A huge thanks to all the players who have supported the server, 5 more rotating trades have been unlocked at Kimber! And we have a new Villager at the market, Chung Wu who sells stone-themed alphanumeric heads The next vote milestone will be at 10,000 votes.

Vanilla High Lotto Open!


Hello Miners!

We have the pleasure of announcing the re-opening of the Vanilla High Lotto!

How to play:

  1. Buy Lotto tickets at the ticketing booth by dropping emeralds in the chest. For each emerald, the buyer will receive one Lotto ticket which requires renaming on an anvil. Note: there are no public anvils.
  2. Use an Anvil to rename each purchased Lotto ticket to the following format:
    Playername followed by 3 numbers between 1-9. Any ticket not following this format may be discarded, without any refund of Emeralds.

    Example of properly named Lotto ticket
    Example of properly named Lotto ticket
  3. Drop your properly-renamed ticket in the chest at the drop point

    Renamed ticket drop point

    Draws happen every Sunday evening. Players with winning ticket numbers split the Emeralds in the jackpot. Good luck!

New Vanilla High Book 1.1

A new version of the Vanilla High Book is out!

There is now a link to both of the voting websites:  Minecraft Server List, and Minecraft MP, a link to view the server rules in a few different languages has also been added.

As a reminder, to receive the new book type “vhguide book” in chat without the quotes.


Vanilla High 3.0 Launch!


The 3rd Vanilla High map, dubbed Vanilla High 3.0 has been launched January 20th 2017. Welcome all players to a fresh new start for everyone! The adventure will be treacherous, deaths multiple but the rewards are plenty!

We’re keeping the same server rules and have some minor gameplay changes over the previous map

  1. From Survival, it is not possible to use the TP features of the Command Book unless a player has full health.
  2. There is no more free sheep spawner at spawn. Players start with 20 cooked chicken in their inventory and 6 wool to help them start their adventure
  3. The minimum recommended build distance is now 15,000 blocks (X and Z added)
  4. The Nether market and Escrow programmes have been discontinued.