Vanilla High Lotto Open!


Hello Miners!

We have the pleasure of announcing the re-opening of the Vanilla High Lotto!

How to play:

  1. Buy Lotto tickets at the ticketing booth by dropping emeralds in the chest. For each emerald, the buyer will receive one Lotto ticket which requires renaming on an anvil. Note: there are no public anvils.
  2. Use an Anvil to rename each purchased Lotto ticket to the following format:
    Playername followed by 3 numbers between 1-9. Any ticket not following this format may be discarded, without any refund of Emeralds.

    Example of properly named Lotto ticket
    Example of properly named Lotto ticket
  3. Drop your properly-renamed ticket in the chest at the drop point
    Renamed ticket drop point

    Draws happen every Sunday evening. Players with winning ticket numbers split the Emeralds in the jackpot. Good luck!

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