Starting Guide

Hello new Miner!

This is a guide to everything you will need to know in to survive your first day on Vanilla High and get started on the server. In your startup kit, you have been given some food,  some basic armor pieces, wool,  a stone sword and the Vanilla High Command Book.

Vanilla High Command Book

Being a pure vanilla server, we do not have commands such as /spawn or /home so the book is a pure vanilla way to achieve this functionality.

The command book can also be used to teleport to the server Spawn, Market, Home (last bed you slept in) reach the server Blog/Website, vote, re-read the rules if necessary, and check your vote stats. If you ever lose the Command Book you can simply type “vhguide book” in chat.

First on your agenda should be to find a way leave Spawn using one of these ways:

  1. Using Random Teleport which will teleport you up to 1,200 blocks out so you can at least find trees.
  2. Be an adventurer and leave Spawn by taking the various marked Spawn Exits

Once you leave Spawn and get to Survival grounds, find trees and if you cannot find sheep, use the wool in your startup kit to set your spawn in a nicely hidden hobbit hole. From there, you will have to start mining, crafting, trading and traveling until you are beyond our minimum recommended build distance which is 15,000 blocks. To see your coordinates, hit F3 on your keyboard ( Fn+F3 if you have a laptop or a Mac) The X and Z coordinates, when added up should be at least 15,000.

Even if the server is a no-raiding ad no greifing server, there are players who don’t abide to the rules. If you are over 15,000 blocks out and still get raided/griefed by a stranger, you are eligible for some form of assistance from the server staff. For more serious griefing, your whole base may be rolled back from backups. Until you can travel far enough, don’t leave your valuables in chests when you log off. Keep them in your personal inventory if you do not have an enderchest yet, so they cannot be stolen from chests while you’re logged off.

To travel far in the shortest possible time, it is recommended you mine or trade enough Obsidian to craft a Nether portal, use the Command Book to teleport to Market, take the Public Nether Portal there to get to the Nether, travel far and make your own exit portal to the Overworld.

Market Portal

Remember to hide your Nether portal and not link it to a very obvious path! Also remember not to build right next to your Nether Portal in the Overworld.

VanillaHigh also has a voting system which allows you to collect vote cookies when you vote.  Collected cookies can be traded at the server market Villagers for items. To vote, either click the link in your Command Book or type “vhguide vote” in chat. Remember to type your player name exactly as it is on the vote sites or you risk not getting the vote cookies.

This guide is originally authored by Mystical_Waters