No Raiding/Stealing

Do not steal from other players. If a building looks abandoned, it does not necessarily mean it is. Do not steal from it. This is an offense which can earn you a ban.

No Griefing

Destroying the builds of other players is prohibited. Griefing the land for no other reason than griefing is frowned upon. It is tolerated to harvest from other players’ farms if you replant.

No Hacks

No Speed hack, flying, KillAura, X-ray, ESP, ghosthand, selfdamage, nofalldamage, glide, spiderclimb etc. Nothing which gives you an unfair advantage over other players.

Family-Friendly Server

While friendly banter and some mild profanity that is common to gaming communities is tolerated, excessive offensive language is not allowed. Divisive and controversial subjects such as sexual orientation, politics, narcotics, abortion, religion are discouraged on the server. Too often discussion about those subjects start in a civil fashion but get out of control very quickly.

Controversial builds should be kept private and out of public eye. This includes but is not limited to potentially controversial builds with political, religious, sexual, or prohibited substance themes and/or elements. If any issues arise with your build the staff reserve the right to remove it or ask it be covered or moved. The server is not the place to stir up controversy or make a statement and we ask you keep that in mind with your projects.

Conditional PVP

Only engage in PVP (Player vs Player fight) with consenting players. Do not PVP with random players who are not interested in PVP. The server has a PVP arena where you can freely PVP. Of course, you may kill a player whom you catch stealing from you at your base or griefing your build.

No Advertising

Do not advertise other Minecraft servers or websites. If you are a regular player live-streaming your Vanilla High gameplay and want to announce the link in chat, ask for permission first.

Community Behaviour

Do not spam the chat with garbage. Do not be a jerk and upset the gaming community, everyone online wants to play Minecraft and have a good time. Please do not go out of your way to be noticed for all the wrong reasons. Do not place links in chat to web sites or videos that people may find offensive.

Staff Impersonation

Do not impersonate staff.  Portraying yourself as an Op or a Moderator can get you banned.

Allowed/tolerated mods

Optifine is recommended. Shaders are allowed unless they provide xray-like abilities.
– Litematica mod by ‘masady’
– Minihud mod by ‘masady’
– Minimap mods are tolerated if the intent behind is not malicious as listed below

You may use a minimap’s waypoint feature as a navigational aid only.
Other features of minimaps such as player tracking, cavefinder are prohibited. Mods not listed above are not explicitly allowed. You may be asked to disable them on Vanilla High or face a penalty for using them depending on their nature.

Performance-related guidelines

Keep your entity count in your loaded chunks to a maximum of 200. To find your entity count, hit F3 (Fn+F3 for Mac/Laptop users). The fourth line in the top left corner, with E: shows your entities rendered/entity count. The second number in E: should not exceed 200. Do not build overworld Gold farms that rely on Zombie Pigmen spawning in multiple large portals. Nether roof building is allowed so please build your gold farm up there.

Miscellaneous and Important rules or information

Travelling on the Nether Roof is tolerated.

It is not permissible to break bedrock to reach the Nether Roof, regardless of the technique used. There are other methods of reaching the nether roof which are permitted.

Duplicating (duping) of anything (TNT, rails, carpet, blocks, items etc) is prohibited, regardless of the technique used. This is a serious permanent-bannable offense.

It is not allowed to grief End Portals regardless of technique used. There is a limited amount of End Portals in the game and rendering them impossible to use hurts the community.

Elytra launchers are prohibited due to the fast chunk loading caused.

Overworld gold farms relying on multiple large portals are prohibited.

0-tick farms are not allowed.

Do not ask for Creative, Op, or game-items. If you need help, ask in game.

Vanilla High does not have any admin/moderator application process. New staff members are handpicked by existing admins from the existing pool of players and are asked if they want to be part of the server staff.

Staff assistance in case of raiding/griefing may be provided only if griefed player has respected the minimum recommended build distance.

This is not an exhaustive rules list. Common sense should also prevail.